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You may remember Polaris. They are the band that lives inside your TV. Well, they used to, anyway. Remember when Nickelodeon was cool and had a TV show called "The Adventures of Pete and Pete"? The band who did the theme song, "Hey Sandy", was Polaris. They also did more music for the show. In fact, a wonderful CD of all the music they did for it is available from the Mezzotint Label.

Polaris was essentially Miracle Legion, minus one person. That person is Mr. Ray Neal. While the Polaris songs were all written by Mark Mulcahy, most, Miracle Legion songs were written by Mark and Ray, or Mark, Ray and the rest of the band. Miracle Legion released several albums on a few different labels, the last of which was created by Mark Mulcahy, the Mezzotint Label. Unfortunately, early in the band's history they were written off as R.E.M. wannabe's, and later were simply ignored even after a few near hits.

Mark has since released two solo albums on the Mezzotint Label, "Fathering" and "SmileSunset". Both albums are nothing short of genius. It's hard to listen to just one song from either album and not want to listen to the entire album. Mark's music is best enjoyed by pressing play and relaxing.

You can download a few MP3s from the Mezzotint Label's web site, but do yourself a favor and buy the albums.